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Loving Cup

You've ben gifted a Loving Cup

Art has a special way of bringing people together. Over the years, I've received many messages from customers who have gifted one of my mugs to someone they love. I still receive some of these messages, but not like when I was making custom mugs. The stories they've shared about the joy my mugs have brought into their lives has meant a lot to me. I miss hearing these stories and connecting in this way, so I have decided to start very small by offering three custom mugs as a pre-order option in my shop update.

Introducing: Loving Cup - custom mugs created with the purpose of connection, filling another's cup with love and sharing kindness with others.

If there is someone in your life who you would like to share some love with through art, I would be happy to make them a custom mug.

Each mug will come with a Loving Cup postcard letting them know they have been gifted with a loving cup and then a personal message can be added to the back of the postcard.

If this is something that speaks to you, this is your opportunity to order a custom mug. Mugs will take approximately 3 weeks but could take up to 6 weeks depending on my firing schedule. I will email you within 24 hours of checkout to discuss the design, which will be sourced from my existing art and glaze colors. If you have an idea for a mug and don't see it on any of the mugs in my Instagram gallery page, message me before making your purchase and we will discuss your idea.


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